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The Marvels Project #8 (of 8)

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If you would like help, search the internet or gravatar. Tip: Click on the The Marvels Project 8 comic image to go to the next page. You can use left and right keyboard keys to browse between issues. You are now reading The Marvels Project 8 online. If you are bored from The Marvels Project comic, you can try surprise me link at top of page or select another comic like The Marvels Project 8 from our huge comic list. Recommend your friends to read The Marvels Project 8 now! That night, Kruger writes a letter to his wife Elise that will never be mailed.

The next day, Kruger makes his way into the secret facility where the final test of the Serum will take place.

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In an uncontrolled rage, Rogers grabs Kruger and hurls him aside - but misjudging his new strength - he accidentally throws Kruger to one of the Vita-Ray conduits, shocking the Nazi spy and killing him. With Dr. Erskine's death, the Super-Soldier Serum becomes forever lost. Rogers is the only one of his kind, and after being trained by various teachers on combat and tactics, a soldier tells him that General Phillips wants to see him.

Elsewhere in New York, Major Kerfoot has fled his apartment just after government agents broke into it. With Erskine's death and the revelation of Kruger as a spy, the government is cracking down on any possible infiltrations. Kerfoot has also faked his own death via a car bomb, but he remains paranoid. He then receives a visit from his handler, who tells him that the incomplete Serum formula that Kerfoot copied is already in Berlin. His handler then proceeds to kill Kerfoot, and then he tells his subordinates to retrieve all of Kerfoot's books and get rid of his body.

Meanwhile, the Angel meets with a newsman from the Bugle, Kellerman, who tells him that Erskine was killed by a Nazi spy - and that Hitler has his own costumed soldier now. In Nazi-occupied France, the Red Skull lines up a group of innocent villagers. One woman pleads with the Red Skull, telling him that they're not Resistance, but the Red Skull says he doesn't care - he's just here to make a point.

Marvels Project Vol 1 5

He guns them all down. He then asks the remaining villagers where the American and British fighters are, and states that people has seen them hiding in the village. When the villagers continue insisting that they know nothing, Red Skull tells his men to separate the children, and line them up along the wall.

Days later, John Steele and Nick Fury enter the very same village where the Skull's massacre took place. Fury tells Steele that he has been recalled by Sawyer back to the States, and Steele says that he'll remain in France in his hunt for the Red Skull.

Brubaker Talks "The Marvels Project" | CBR

In a Nazi base just outside of Berlin, Bruder is talking to another scientist named Burstein. Bruder tells Burstein that they're still nowhere near cracking Erskine's formula. And while the Angel is at a local wharf, tracking down some Nazi spies, he witnesses the very first appearance of Captain America. The Super-Soldier breaks into the spies' warehouse, easily dispatching the Nazi infiltrators. Their handler who was also Kruger and Kermit's handler makes an escape, and Angel tries to stop him, but the handler fires back with a Thompson submachine-gun.

Captain America manages to shield the Angel, but a loose round strikes Dr. Halloway's thigh.

As the handler flees, the Angel tells Captain America that he's fine and they exchange stories. The Angel then tells Captain America to go after the handler, and asks him for his name. Captain America tells him, and then heads off. In the summer of , Namor walks the streets of New York in disguise, in search of the Human Torch. The Torch is now accepted as a hero of the people, and spends his days stopping costumed crooks, but remains conflicted about his humanity.

Returning to the laboratory in Brooklyn where he was made, the Torch finds a picture of Professor Horton and his assistant, and goes searching for the assistant - Fred Raymond.


Traveling to Raymond's home in Staten Island, he meets the Professor' subordinate there, but Raymond tells him to leave. Raymond explains that if the government learns that Torch was in his home, they'd take him away from his sick wife for investigation. But just as the Torch is about to depart, they hear a cry coming from Raymond's wife's room, and step in to see their son Toro erupt into flame.

Raymond thinks that the Torch has something to do with it and chases him out of the house. In confusion and fear, the Human Torch quickly flies off into the skies. As he is dragged away, Skull asks Bruder if his experiments can continue without Schmitt's help, and Bruder says that it's no problem. While the Nazi soldiers drag Schmitt for transportation to the concentration camps, Steele sneaks into the facility via a ventilation grill. Traveling through the ventilation pathways, he spies the Red Skull talking to Bruder and a mysterious man draped in a hat and jacket. The mysterious man removes his clothing to reveal his identity as an Atlantean named Meranno.

It is then revealed that Meranno has made a deal with Nazi Germany; and that he was the one who informed the Germans of where they could find Atlanteans the depth-charges from Part One.

Back in America, the Torch remains conflicted and wonders why Toro also gained fiery powers similar to his own. But as he soars through the air, Namor suddenly attacks him. The two of them have another aerial brawl just as Namor summons a massive tidal wave to consume New York. Mass casualties occur immediately when the water consumes the city. But in the chaos, New York's hero community experiences their first call-to-arms as all of its heroes gather together to save the drowning innocent.

But the battle in the skies between Namor and the Torch comes to an abrupt end when Captain America appears. With a single blow from the Captain's disc shield, Namor is knocked out, and collapses back onto the ground in defeat.