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This movie is somewhat strange with culture differences but It is fantastic. Especially good for teachers and staff who work with special needs children. By far worth the purchase. I had originally watched this for the first time on n'flix and concluded that it's one of the greatest films I've seen in ages. Because it's a great film and n'flix tends to rotate its inventory, I was determined not to let this one slip away so I ordered it online through Walmart.

I received the DVD 5 days later - Walmart's delivery date was dead-on.

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Some may consider some parts of this movie to be a bit flakey but it's important to remember that it's a movie about children and it's for both children and adults alike. In the first half, we see Ishaan Darsheel Safary experiencing a lot of problems due to dyslexia. He misbehaves and doesn't listen. People are angry and impatient with him. He shows a lot of frustration and other emotions and teachers are at wits end with his attitude.


Not a single individual really understands his problem until a special teacher steps in to temporarily replace a very abusive one. When you consider what Ishaan went through in the first half of the movie, be ready to shed a lot of tears during the second half. Aamir Khan slips into his role as the new art teacher and he does it very convincingly. Some of the music is downright beautiful although most of the singing is in the Hindu language. But there are also subtitles for the songs as well.

In this particular disc set there are 3 discs. There's a movie disc, a music disc background music - no lyrics , and an extra features disc that includes galleries, making of the movie, deleted scenes, teasers, trailers, and some other stuff. The movie disc enables you to watch the movie with subtitles, without, watch it in its original Hindu language, or watch the movie dubbed in English. The dubbing is actually quite good in this movie. Most voices are those of the original actors speaking with their native Hindu accents.

If the accents are still hard to understand, you can still watch it with English subtitles. Darsheel and Aamir did a superb job of acting in this movie. They couldn't have picked a cuter boy to play the role of Ishaan. In real life, he's quite an active kid. But in this movie, he plays the role so well that he'll make your heart melt. I recommend this movie not only because it's a feel-good movie, but because it does present some educational value.

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What you'll see are a few symptoms of dyslexia. I would encourage anyone who has a child that isn't doing so well in the beginning years of school to read up on dyslexia and see if the symptoms are similar. Here at Walmart. Your email address will never be sold or distributed to a third party for any reason. Due to the high volume of feedback, we are unable to respond to individual comments.

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He responds tho the stress with disobedience that gets him into even more trouble. Ishaan is overwhelmed with frustration in his new environment. Not only he is a new kid coming in mid-term, but he also loses the support of his mother and brother.

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He is ridiculed by strict teachers and even loses his biggest passion, painting. He notices Ishaan and sets out to find what is troubling the boy. Nikumbh concludes that Ishaan is dyslexic, and admits he has the same problem. He starts helping the boy to overcome his disability, meanwhile unleashing his amazing artistic potential. Aamir Khan stepping into the scene as teacher Nikumbh.

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  6. This is achieved by clever camera tactics and good use of soundtrack songs, and creates a strong bond between viewer and Ishaan. His role has very little dialogue, but the great performance of this young actor, plus his beautifully animated inner world, creates a vivid character.

    Can scientists create a star on Earth?

    When we see Ishaan bonding with Nikumbh and building his confidence back in the second part of the film, it is such a strong emotional trigger. Teacher Nikumbh and Ishaan, beautiful and meaningful scene. The movie shines a light on the problem of dyslexia and portrays it relatively accurately. Source: Wikipedia Activists who want to bring awareness to this problem in India and worldwide celebrated this theme.

    But the movie is not just about the particular issue of dyslexia, but more of a general statement on education. Each child has unique skills, capabilities and dreams. This film received its share of criticism as well.